The customer's cargo will be carefully surely delivered one by one.
We are the hearty logistics operations company, Fuji Logix.

Corporate Customer Service

FUJI LOGIX specializes in corporate clients. We accept orders for a single product, regardless of the size or quantity of the product. We will respond flexibly and quickly to your needs and support your business to the fullest extent.

Consistent Supply Chain Management

We are engaged in the transportation of goods and related services. Please leave it to us to manage procurement, purchase management, import/export, customs clearance, inventory management, transportation, etc. We are happy to tailor our services to your needs. We do not only specialize in logistics, but also help solve problems in the supply chain from production activities to delivery to consumers. As part of our commitment to quality, we received ISO 9001(2015 standard) certification in 2018, which allows us to deliver high quality services and products to our customers by improving and maintaining the level of quality control in our various internal operations. The parts that come out of our warehouse are inspected in accordance with the customer’s requirements to ensure the quality of each part. In addition, we have established close cooperative relationships with our suppliers who are engaged in production activities to ensure a stable supply of good products from the production stage.

Support with Abundant Information

The globalization of the economy has intensified competition in the market. In this context, the development of infrastructure and information technology is progressing rapidly on a global scale, and the development of logistics has been remarkable. In addition, the international situation and legal system are changing every day, so it is essential to gather information. We use our extensive information network to propose logistics solutions that are appropriate for each region.