We support your business to the fullest with global vision and sense,
and a flexible and rapid response.
The past few years, in Japan, which is progressing leaps and bounds globalization, the situation surrounding the companies and life culture has changed greatly.
In such a situation, information industry and logistics industry has increasingly been required to take a big role as communications industry connects Japan and the world with strong leadership. We will be the bridge of "People to People," "People and Companies," "Companies and Products," and "Products and People" as a company that plays a role in the logistics industry. And we offer a comprehensive logistics services to build trust.
We sincerely accept the needs of our customers in the logistics business to be able to suggest the best course of action, we will make efforts the fullest supports as a partner.
If you have difficulty in the logistics business at home and abroad, please consult with Fuji Logix as a logistics professional at ease.
Fuji Logix Co., Ltd.
Shinkoyokaiun Co., Ltd.
CEO Shuichi Maeno
Import and export business, warehousing and customs duties, transport operations of the plant and the container, such as the packaging business, we can meet your every request related to logistics.
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